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   Personalized Print
Saturn's super printing flexibility assures you the highest degree of personalization!

With a dazzling array of printing equipment, Saturn can personalize nearly every component of our customer's mailing packages- from the oddest-sized envelopes to the most elaborate letters or response devices.

We know that by tailoring a mailing to a donor's past giving history or interest, personalization boosts response rates and net revenues. Personalization helps build that one-to-one relationship and helps cultivate long-term giving patterns.

The letter text can be varied from donor to donor, even the ask amounts can be varied based on past historical data. Our cut-sheet laser prints can duplex print up to a 17" x 11" sheet.

And, for your large mailings, Saturn has the capacity to your deadlines!

Here's a list of our printing equipment:

Continous Form Lasers
Two Nipson 7000-400 laser printers
(Note: laser inks required)
  • Uses low temerature flash fusion
    Prints up to 428 pages, 196 feet per minute
    Variable speed control
    Prints image area up to 20.5" to a 17" depth
    Handles paper weight span 17-110 lb.
    Printing resolution 480 bpi
    One-pass two-sided printing
High-speed Impact Printers
One IBM 4248 Impact Printer
  • 168-character printing width on IBM 4248s
    10 character per inch
    6 or 8 lines per inch
    Fonts limited to available print bands
Cut-Sheet Lasers
Three HP 9000, 2 HP 9050
  • Letter, legal, executive, tabloid (11 x 17), envelopes
    Paper (plain, preprinted, letterhead, prepunched,bond, color, recycled, rough), transparencies, labels, card stock, user-defined (five types)

Whatever print job you want, Saturn has the capability and flexibility to do it - guaranteed!

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